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Emotional Baby Is Back

The world's most empathetic baby is back. This time, things are getting meta.

Last year, Marie-Lynne Leroux reacted to her mother's rendition of Rod Stewart's "My Heart Can't Tell You No" in a way most balladeers usually only dream of: real tears and accompanying facial gestures so opposite of ugly we'll call it an adorbs-cry.

Her mother, singer Amanda Leroux of Val Gagné, Canada, posted a video of the teary sesh and, overnight, the then-10-month-old Marie-Lynne became a sensation. The video was viewed more than 35 million times just on YouTube.

A year later, Marie-Lynne's father showed the almost 2-year-old the video that prompted untold numbers of swoons and office ugly-cries by the millions who clicked. Older and wiser, this Emotional Baby video update shows the little girl's eyes stay dry. Still, her deep feelings for her mom, the song and now the teary baby are written all over her face.

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