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Girl Finds Scary Surprise in New Toy

Girl Finds Scary Surprise in New Toy

Opening up a brand new pretty princess wand should be one of those super-exciting moments for any little girl. But for one 2-year-old from Dayton, Ohio, it recently sparked a terrifying scene.

Nicole Allen says her toddler was unwrapping a new toy she'd gotten from her local Dollar Store when the girl peeled back the foil to find a truly disturbing image underneath the packaging. There, staring back at her, was a demonic-looking woman, with luminescent red eyes and blood dripping from her mouth. But here's the real scary part: Take a closer look and you can see she's cutting herself with a butcher knife. The press of a button also causes the creepy woman to cackle and laugh maniacally.

Not exactly kid-friendly stuff. And you better believe Mom is not happy about it.

"I'm outraged," Allen later told WHIO. "I wanna know how they think that is suitable for a child."

But according to Amar Moustafa, who owns the Dollar Store where Allen bought the item, the store is not the one to blame here. Moustafa says that Allen should have known the toy was inappropriate for kids before buying it. After all, it's called an "evil stick."


Our guess is, the toddler picked out the toy in the store, and Allen didn't get a close enough look at it before tossing it into her cart.

At least Allen can take comfort knowing the wand is no longer on shelves for other kids to find. But that's not because the Dollar Store pulled it from their stock—it's because the popular "evil stick" actually sold out.

This isn't the first time a seemingly harmless kid's toy has wound up being ... well, not so harmless. Last year, a mom had to take away her child's walkie-talkie after it started picking up some "colorful language" from the local truckers chatting over the radio. (Apparently, this tends to happen; another similar story made headlines in 2008.) And back in 2012, an 8-year-old boy received a refurbished Nintendo game for Christmas, only to learn it was preloaded with porn.

Photos via WHIO

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