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Mom Parodies 'Shake It Off'

Deva Dalporto channels Taylor Swift in "Shake It Off" mom parody

Taylor Swift’s infectious single “Shake It Off” has been replaying in all our heads for weeks now. And thanks to the Internet, we’ve also had the pleasure of watching our fair share of parody videos in its wake—including adorable dancing kids and '80s aerobics instructors bopping around to the self-proclaimed “sick beat.” But this week, Deva Delporto—a mom of two and one of this year’s biggest YouTube sensations—has returned to give the chart-topping hit her own unique spin. And as usual, she does not disappoint.

In “Knock It Off,” Delporto rhymes about how she gets over all the not-so-fun parts of a typical day—like other moms judging her for being late to play dates, diffusing sibling rivalries and the intense embarrassment of a surprise visitor when you’ve got a sink full of dishes and a semi-trashed house.

We feel you, Deva.

If the mom of two looks at all familiar to you, it’s probably because she’s already entertained us this year with parodies of "All About That Bass," "I'm So Fancy" and let’s not forget her original song, the "Back to School Mom Rap."

As for her latest video, Delporto says she actually received lots of requests to parody Swift’s song since it first hit the radio, but she held herself back until recently.

“The song is insanely hard to sing and I had just done an 'All About that Bass' parody ... and mama was tired," she recently told TODAY.com. "But then, these two adorable little girls ran up to me at school drop-off and asked me to do a 'Shake It Off' parody and, really, I couldn’t say no." (We're pretty happy she didn't.)

As for her goal in creating all of these hilarious, totally on-point parodies? The busy mom, who also finds time to blog over at MyLifeSuckers.com, says she just wants fellow moms to know that we're all in this thing together.

“I would tell any frazzled, stressed-out mom to laugh at the craziness of it all," says Dalporto. "I would also tell her that it’s OK not to be perfect. It’s OK not to love every moment. It’s OK to hide in the bathroom. It’s OK to cry. It’s OK to scream. It’s OK to serve cornflakes for dinner. It’s all OK because we’re just doing the best we can. And, despite it all, we love our kids."

Photo via YouTube

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