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Mom, Daughter Give Birth on Same Day

Mom, daughter give birth on same day in same hospital

Going into labor at the same time as one of your best friends is cool enough, but when that best friend is your own mom, there's only one word for it—amazing.

That's exactly what happened to 40-year-old Heather Penticoff and her 20-year-old daughter Destinee Martin last Tuesday, when they each went into labor and gave birth at the same hospital—all in the same day. And to make matters even more coincidental, the mother-daughter duo from Fort Myers, Fla., had also discovered they were each pregnant on the same day, too. (What are the chances?)

While Penticoff gave birth to a little girl named Madeline, Martin welcomed a boy, Damien, soon after—which means that "Aunt Madeline" was only a mere three hours older than her nephew.

Two days later, they all headed back home to Lee County, with baby Damien right across the hall from Madeline.

Destinee admits that she wasn't exactly psyched to hear her mom was pregnant when she discovered her own baby was on the way, but that it ultimately wound up being an amazing experience.

"I knew that they were trying and wanting another baby, but to find out the same day was just like 'wow,'" Martin told ABC News. "It's not really something you ever want or think could happen. [But] going through the pregnancy and now having her here to help me is a lot nicer than if it wouldn't have went that way."

As for Penticoff, who became a mom again as well as a grandma all in a matter of hours, she's still pretty floored by the odds of it all.

"This is something you can't plan," she said. "This is something God sets into motion, and you just roll with the punches. We're blessed and we wouldn't change a thing."

While Martin and Penticoff's story definitely has one-in-a-million-type odds, it's actually the second story of its kind that we've heard in the last few months. Back in September, Pennsylvania sisters Brigid Bink and Emily Whitaker made headlines for giving birth at the same hospital within hours of each other.

Photo via ABC News

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