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Superhero Dad Surprises Cancer-Stricken Son

Dad surprises 5-year-old son with cancer, shows up as Spiderman

Over the years, Mike Wilson has made quite the name for himself on YouTube for his impressive abilities in the arts of free running and parkour. He even makes a living as a professional parkour choreographer and "urban movement specialist." But despite the many show reels he's posted online of jumping from great heights and swinging through the air, another video he was featured in last week is what's now going viral—and while it is pretty amazing, it's not what his fans might expect.

You see, the popular parkour enthusiast is also a proud dad, and sadly, his young son has been diagnosed with a Stage 4 brain stem tumor. Though the boy has been tragically diagnosed with just up to a year left to live, his dad wants to make sure every last one of those days is special—most of all, his birthday. So this year, the day his son turned 5, Wilson put on a super cool Spider-Man costume he had made just for the occasion and showed up on his own doorstep to give the little guy a surprise he'd always remember.

In case you're wondering, Dad definitely delivered. The UK native even donned an American accent along with the suit, dropping a few "coooool duuuudes" to make his Spider-Man even more authentic. Watch for yourself below.

This isn't the first time we've seen a truly awesome dad go the superhero route to lift the spirits of their sick kid. Just last week, another awesome dad surprised his son by making an Iron Man mask for the little baby, who has been in the NICU since birth. Eric Hart spent hours of painstaking work on the mask before placing it on his newborn son for a Halloween photo op.

Photo via YouTube

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