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'Passion Project' Urges Moms to Love Their Bodies

"Passion Project" by Fit4Mom aims to teach women to love their bodies

Most of us are guilty of the same destructive morning ritual of looking in the mirror and mentally adding up all of the many things we'd love to change about the woman staring back at us: that stubborn muffin top; those "bat wings"; that last bit of baby bulge that just won't seem to go away. But a new project from the women behind Fit4Mom is hoping to put an end to all of that—or at least make us stop and think before we start berating ourselves for no good reason.

This month, Fit4Mom launched the "Passion Project," which aims to get moms in particular to stop obsessing over the number on the scale and start loving themselves just the way they are. (A simple, yet somehow tall order when you're constantly confronted with perfectly photoshopped bodies everywhere you turn.) In a touching new video, seven women share their stories, along with trainer and Fit4Mom founder Lisa Druxman, who explains just how close to her heart the project's mission has become.

"I've spent the better part of the last 20 years helping women transform their bodies, and really, I'd like to help them transform their minds," says Druxman. "Because no matter where I get their bodies, no matter how fit and how thin, it always seems like it's never enough."

Boy, did she ever hit the nail on the head on that one.

"Everything feels like it's 15 pounds away," says another mom in the video, echoing Druxman. "I'd feel so much sexier, I'd feel so much prettier 15 pounds from now."

If this sentiment sounds familiar, Druxman would like you to snap out of it—now! "Isn't it time that you realize that you are beautiful, right now, right here?" she says in the video.

"Every mom I meet is fighting for a magic weight or an unrealistic image of themselves and none are realizing how amazing they are right now," writes Druxman in a blog post on Fit4Mom. "I believe that at the end of our life, we will regret how much time we spent chasing vanity pounds or missing out on life due to our perception of our body."

The "Passion Project" asked seven women to share what they see when they look in the mirror. Their answers ranged from hating their stomach to hating their boobs.

"Every day I look in the mirror and find things I don't like," says one mom.

Another shares the deep emotional wounds that have stayed with her since childhood, when her older brother would call her fat and ugly.

"I just carry that around," she says. "Every. Single. Day."

While the video starts off with a fair sadness and self-loathing, just watch what happens when each of the women are asked to strip down and for a seminude photo shoot.

The "Passion Project" calls to mind some other big body image campaigns aimed at moms this year. Namely, the Body Movement, launched in March by Aussie mom Tamra Brumfitt, who boldly posed nude to spark conversation about embracing body diversity.

Photo via YouTube

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