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Programmer Barbie Needs Men to Write Code

Thirty-two pages; plenty of stupid lines; a collection of one-star reviews on Amazon: The "I Can Be a Computer Engineer" deluxe picture book so misses the mark for what parents (and kids!) want in a storybook that it reads more like a parody than something parents would actually want to put on a bookshelf.

Business Insider's Terrance Lorenz calls the book's portrayal of Barbie as "an inept programmer who inadvertently plagues her friend’s computer with a virus and can’t fix a bug without help from a man." Daily Dot says don't judge this book by the cover. Whereas the title makes you think she's putting her C++ skills to use, author Susan Marenco, hired by Random House to pen the piece (with the intention of making geek girls cry?), makes it clear Barbie is only able to design a computer game—not actually, you know, get it to work.

For the actually coding, Barbie calls in the boys: "I’ll need Steven and Brian’s help to turn it into a real game!"

In a little ditzy-blonde plot twist, Barbie also manages to infect a network of computers with some spammy virus.

The book was written to accompany a physical Computer Programmer Barbie doll that comes carrying a hot pink laptop.

Image via Amazon

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