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Dad Forces 11-Year-Old to Swallow Drugs

11-year-old forced to swallow coke capsules by father

In what's probably one of the most disturbing stories we've heard in a while, an 11-year-old Colombian girl recently underwent emergency surgery to remove 104 cocaine-filled capsules from her stomach. They were discovered after one of the capsules burst inside her, sending her into tremendous pain. But the worst part of the story is how they got there in the first place: the girl's father forced her to swallow them. (Yes, really.)

The 11-year-old, who is reportedly from Cali, Colombia, had been spending a weekend with her dad when she was asked to swallow the capsules. According to the Mirror, the girl was due to fly with her dad to Spain and then later on to the Canary Islands with the drugs still inside her, which some say would make her the youngest known drug mule on record.

And if all that isn't enough to make the story pretty terrible on its own, the shocking discovery has also now made the young girl a target for local drug lords. As a result, she's been placed under armed guard while she recovers. After that? The Colombian Family Welfare Institute has stated that it will see to her safety going forward—particularly because recent allegations have surfaced that the girl's mother may also have been involved with the drug-smuggling plan.

In the meantime, the girl is recovering at Valle del Lili Hospital, where her father and another family member were seen on security cameras rushing her in for help several days ago. While the other family member stayed behind, her father can be seen on tapes strolling out casually.

Though Colombia has definitely seen its fair share of drug-related activity, even local authorities were shocked by this particular story.

"In 30 years of service I’ve seen all kinds of strategies to smuggle drugs but nothing as reprehensible as this," police commissioner Hoover Panilla told the AP. "Everything is pointing to the fact this youngster was going to be used in a twisted way by adults as a drugs mule to transport drugs from Colombia to another country."

“A case like this is horrific because it puts the life of an 11-year-old girl at risk,” added a spokesman for the Colombian Family Welfare Institute. “We are going to take steps to offer her protection and remove her from her harmful family environment.”

Photo via YouTube

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