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Dad Tries to Scold Sons, Bursts Into Laughter

Dad tries to teach sons a lesson after making a mess, bursts into laughter instead

Parenting toddlers can test anyone's patience. As it turns out, it can also test anyone's ability to remain serious in moments of absolute hilarity—which isn't easy. (You know, all those times when your kid is doing something truly terrible/defiant/against the rules, but in an utterly adorable way.)

Take one dad's recent predicament, after he caught his two boys tearing into some paint supplies while his back was turned, and found himself struggling to keep in his laughter while teaching them a lesson.

Now, to be fair, this wasn't your average rule-breaking situation he walked in on. These boys didn't just open the arts and crafts closet, start to paint and accidentally get it on Mom's brand new tablecloth. Oh, no. This terrible twosome proceeded to have an epic painting party in the house, not only covering things around them in paint, but also covering themselves, head to toe. We're talking faces, hands, clothing and more.

The resulting scene, which is now going viral, shows the boys sitting in the shower as their dad films them, asking the pair to admit the error of their ways. Though Dad manages to keep it together at first, somewhere after the 1:50 mark, things start to go south, as he bursts into fits of laughter.

“What is funny?” one of his sons asks, truly confused by his dad's reaction.

“I don’t think this is funny at all,” Dad responds, through giggles. “It’s not funny. You guys are in big trouble.”

Oh, but it is funny (and adorable)!

Photo via YouTube

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