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Bullied Jesus Franco Asks Facebook NOH8 for Help

Jesus Franco gets called "faggot" and gay everyday at his school in the Raymondville, Texas, Independent School District. He has also been physically attacked. He and his parents have asked school administrators for help. What Franco got was a two-day suspension.

So Franco took his story to Facebook and hundreds of thousands are showing him their support through "liking" and sharing the picture and story he posted on the site's NOH8 Campaign page. Thousands have left comments, most of which are encouraging and supportive. Several have offered to put him in touch with an attorney who would work with the boy pro bono in order to find a resolution with the school.

Franco's post is a picture of him with NOH8 painted on his face. He holds two type-written pages, which start out with the following:

"Hello, I'm Jesus (Jesse) Franco. I'm not gay, still, I get called gay and faggot at my school everyday. Raymondwille (TX) Independent School District does nothing. My parents & I have tried to get them to do something about it. The last time I was attacked, I got two days out of school suspension for overcoming the bully and defending myself. Parents of these kids are bullies too."

Read the rest of Franco's plea at the NOH8 page.

Image via NOH8

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