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Preview of Obama's Immigration Policy

In advance of his speech tonight outlining his plan for immigration reform, President Obama's released many of the details on Facebook. On the White House's page at the site, the following was posted underneath a 60-second video.

"It's time to fix our broken immigration system. Tomorrow night, President Obama will address the nation on new commonsense steps he's taking to fix as much of it as he can. Tune in tomorrow at 8pm ET on http://WhiteHouse.gov/Immigration-Action ‪#‎ImmigrationAction‬"

News of attempts to reform policy has been a bright spot as Obama enters the lame-duck phase of his second and last term in office. With a little over a month before Republicans take over both houses of Congress, Obama is pushing for action despite threats of retaliation from the Republican Party. Already, Obama has promised to defer deportation of 11 million adults living in the U.S. illegally, many of whom are raising U.S. citizens, paying taxes on earnings and contributing to the country economically and socially.

The Washington Post reports on one such "Dreamer Mom" who would be allowed to stay in the U.S. legally were Obama to sign the promised executive order. As a way of bringing attention to families like hers, Rosario Reyes hasn't eaten in 10 days. She camps out in Lafayette Square across from the White House and goes back to a church bunk bed at night. "During the fast, she turned 36, received communion, watched tourists eat lunch, and tried to balance her water intake with her need to find a bathroom every few hours. Reyes is a part-time babysitter and mother of three who has lived in suburban Maryland for a decade. She is also an illegal immigrant from El Salvador, and she had vowed to remain in the park without eating until President Obama signed an order offering temporary legal status to immigrants in her situation," Pamela Constable writes.

Image via WhiteHouse.gov

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