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Dad Responds Hilariously to Baby News

Dad Responds Hilariously to Baby News

Watching a good pregnancy announcement video will never get old—especially not when it involves a newbie dad getting the news for the first time and reacting hilariously.

Such was the case in this latest viral video, which shows a first-time dad named Dale opening a box on-camera from his wife.

"Is this going on YouTube?" he asks, to which his wife responds with a total lie. "No," she says.

Inside the box? A sign that says "Game Over" and a pair of baby shoes.

At first, Dale breaks out into laughter. "Haha! Are these tiny shoes for me?" his face seems to say. But then it hits him: These are baby shoes. Baby shoes!

"Are you pregnant?!" he exclaims after a moment of shock and silence. The rest of his reaction—which we won't spoil for you—is priceless, unfiltered and totally adorable. (WARNING: Language alert! You might want to keep the kiddos away from this one.)

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Photo via YouTube

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