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'Convos' Tackles the Art of Making New Friends

'Convos with My 4-Year-Old' Tackles the Art of Making New Friends

Making new friends isn't always easy, especially when you're a shy 4-year-old who has trouble saying her own name. Which is why, in this week's episode of "Convos with My 4-Year-Old," little Coco tries to make her dad do it for her. Sounds like a plan, right?

Instead, Coco's dad (aka filmmaker Matthew Clarke), pushes the little girl to muster up some courage, walk up to two girls playing nearby and ask to join in. Of course, the fact that 4-year-old Coco is played by 40-year-old David Milchard, and that the girls in question are also played by two grown men (in Spandex, no less) makes things even more hilarious. Suddenly, Coco's intense trepidation over wandering up to two strangers and saying her own name correctly gets even more comical.

Unfortunately, Coco bombs at reciting her own name on the first try, but eventually she gets there, and the two "girls" accept her play-time invitation. The whole thing is pretty hilarious. But at this point, we wouldn't expect anything less from these guys.

"Convos with my 4-Year-Old" has continued to grow in popularity since it first hit YouTube back in 2013, with Geico now sponsoring its entire fourth season.

Clarke recently took Today.com behind the scenes of the Web series, and shared a bit about how special it is to him.

“For me, this show is really a fun way to record this time, to hold onto these moments," he said. "And, by finding the funny in them, it makes them a lot less crazy-making."

But while he's in love with all these little hilarious moments now, the proud papa also shared how eager he is to see his little girl grow up.

“She’s very creative. It will be very interesting to see what she does as she gets older,” said Clarke. “Also, she’s quite shy naturally. She doesn’t see the camera and think, ‘I gotta perform!’ She’s often opposed to doing things on cue, which I actually think is great. Usually, we just try to capture her doing whatever she wants, which is typically way funnier anyway.”

In case you missed it, Episode 1 covered the challenges of bedtime, while Episode 2 showed Coco lending her creativity by helping Dad craft a pitch for a new show.

Photo via YouTube

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