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Watch 42 Weeks of Pregnancy in 1 Minute

Israeli couple's time-lapse video shows 42 weeks of pregnancy in 1 minute

What's cooler than flipping through 42 weeks of baby bump photos to see their progression? Hitting play and watching it all go down in one glorious time-lapse video.

So sit back and prepare to be amazed by the adorable pregnancy time-lapse created by Israeli couple Sergei and Adi Malishev—which shows a week-by-week glimpse of Adi's ever-growing belly. Their video, which was posted earlier this month, has been steadily growing in views all over the world, and with good reason.

"Originally we made the video for our memory, but when our son was born, we thought it would be a great way to reveal him to our friends," Sergei recently told The Huffington Post.

Wondering how they pulled it off? The couple says they took five to six pictures each week throughout Adi's 42-week pregnancy. (Of course, we most enjoyed their pit stop in Greece while they went on vacay.)

"We never thought this video would be so successful all over the world," Sergei said.

Guess we'll add the Malishevs' adorable video to the growing list of pregnancy time-lapse videos we just can't get enough of. Also on the list? Brittany and Mark Sherman's living room time-lapse from January, which took almost 700 photos to create, and this creative clip from March, featuring an original song by new dad and musician Tom Fletcher.

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Photo via YouTube

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