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Holderness Family Takes on Thanksgiving

Holderness Family Takes on Thanksgiving with "All About That Bass" parody

Well, that was fast! Hot off the heels of last month's Halloween parody, the Holderness family is back to take on Thanksgiving—with what might just be their catchiest cover yet. (We admit, we've hit "replay" on it more than a few times this weekend.)

In "All About That Baste," dad Eric Holderness puts his own hilarious spin on Meghan Trainor's body-loving tune "All About That Bass." Except this time, the dad's quirky cover is a bit more butter-loving.

Switching up Trainor's now-famous lyrics, Holderness riffs on a bunch of unofficial Thanksgiving Day traditions that dads tend to screw up every year, like attempting to set a fancy table, only to get "all the wrong forks in all the wrong places." Eric also sings about his annual job of dealing with the turkey, which Mama Holderness has relegated him to since he's burned a few too many pies over the years and never quite pulled off a proper casserole.

Yep, that's why turkey basting is really his thing. Every year, Dad just has to worry about one thing and one thing only: making sure every inch of it is covered from the bottom to the top.

That's a task he can definitely handle!

His only other Turkey Day talent? Juggling three sticks of butter at once. (Which, to be fair, deserves a round of applause.)

Other highlights from the video include several more odes to butter ...

A pretty close call with the turkey, which could have easily ended in disaster ...

And a shout-out to skinny britches, which—let's be honest—have no business showing up on Thanksgiving. Leave 'em in your closet!

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Photos via YouTube

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