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Girls Test Out New Toy, Things Go Epically Awry

Girls Test Out New Flying Fairy Toy, Things Go Epically Awry

It seems like just yesterday we were witnessing the hilarious "suicide" of a Flutterbye Flying Fairy toy, who flew right into the fireplace of her new owner on Christmas morning. But today, we bring you yet another flying fairy disaster. (We guess this thing sort of happens a lot?) This time, there are no fireplaces involved, but the flying fairy in question does make a similarly grand escape — by setting of on a flight and never, ever, ever returning.

Watch as these two little girls give the toy a test run, only to watch as it climbs way up in the sky and out of sight.

We don't know about you, but any flying fairy toy we've ever seen usually doesn't make it more than 10 feet off the ground before crash landing. Apparently something went haywire in the factory where this one was made.

Poor kids!

Photo via YouTube

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