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Teen Reacts Awesomely to Friend Coming Out

Teen comes out to his best friend, gets most supportive text ever

Coming out to your family and friends at a mere 13 years old can be a daunting — and for some, terrifying — prospect. But as one 13-year-old boy recently learned, the anticipation of it all was far worse than the reality. At least when it came to spilling the beans to his best friend. After texting back and forth with his pal, the teen finally came clean about the big, dark secret he'd been keeping quiet for some time.

"I don't feel the same way other boys feel about girls," he wrote, before adding, "It's not normal, right?"

The response he got back was far more supportive than he ever could have imagined (and one that'll does any friend proud).


The texts were shared on November 8 by Twitter user @paleveil, who says the convo occurred between her little brother and his best friend. The proud big sis also told BuzzFeed that she tweeted photos of the exchange after asking permission first, and blocking the teens' photos and names for privacy reasons.

In the last few weeks, the touching exchange has gone super viral, and receiving tons of positive response. As of this morning, the original post has received over 36,000 retweets and 57,000 favorites.

"This convo between my brother and his best friend just warms my heart so much," @paleveil says in her tweet.

We couldn't agree more.

Photos via Twitter

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