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Kid Dances to 'Smooth Criminal,' Kills It

Six-year-old performs "Smooth Criminal" at talent show, crowd goes wild

We're not sure how the talent shows go down at your kid's school, but typically, the performances we've seen by six-year-olds tend to err on the side of adorable rather than actually impressive. And that's all right because, after all, they're six years old.

Awkward group tap dances? Check. At least one kid crying themselves off stage? Double-check.

That's pretty much the way of elementary school talent shows for the 10-and-under set. Unless of course, you were recently in attendance at the Coolidge Elementary School Talent Show. That's where one super-talented kid took to the stage dressed in a crisp white suit, a matching Fedora and his dancin' shoes — before turning in a killer performance of Michael Jackson's iconic "Smooth Criminal."

Please, stop what you're doing now and check it out.

Can you handle the adorableness? Neither can we! It kind of reminds us of this other dancing six-year-old, who out-Swayzed Patrick Swayze back in October, and made the Internet fall in love with him.

Photo via YouTube

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