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British Toddler Chops Hair Off, Explains Why to Dad

British toddler cuts off her own hair, explains why to dad

Are you sitting down? You should be, because you're about to get one heavy dose of cuteness sent your way, and it's going to be a lot to handle.

Making the rounds this weekend was the video of one hands-down adorable British toddler, who was apparently caught just minutes after taking a pair of scissors to her hair. In the clip, which was shot by her bemused dad, the tiny 2-year-old explains that she cut her "fringe" because it was getting in her eyes, and it was all just becoming too much. Naturally, she had to take matters into her own hands.

Dad's not really buying that one as a proper excuse, and proceeds to tell her that the next time she wants to cut her hair, she should run and ask Mom and Dad first (who will presumably then put the kibosh on things immediately). But for now, it looks like little tot will be rocking an Ellie Goulding-inspired 'do until things grow back.

Photo via Mirror

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