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Girl Sneaks Baby Cow Into House

Girl Sneaks Baby Cow Into the House

There are a few things you should know about 5-year-old Brennan Decker. The crafty kindergartner-turned-YouTube-star is skilled at deception, can tell a fib with the best of 'em, and above all, is a total animal whisperer.

These three things recently came together in one hilariously adorable moment when her mom opened the door to the porch one day and discovered little Decker had brought a friend over to play. But this wasn't any old friend — it was the Decker family's several-hundred-pound baby calf. And while little Brennan may have thought she could get away with having her play date unnoticed, she soon finds herself improvising when Mom asks, "How did the baby cow get inside?"

Get ready for the cutest thing you'll see all week (and for your heart to melt by the 3:30 mark).

The clip was first uploaded back in April, but thanks to The Daily Dot and BuzzFeed, it's just now starting to go viral — and we can't get enough!

Photo via YouTube

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