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Real-Life 'Tooth Fairy' Pranks Kids at the Dentist

YouTube prankster has "Tooth Fairy" visit kids at the dentist

Recently, YouTube prankster Yousef (of FouseyTube) was asked by his brother to stop by his new dental practice and make a funny video of himself getting his teeth pulled. Yousef wasn't really into that idea (which is good thing, because we're not really into watching that idea), and instead asked if he could come in and make a different kind of video.

Instead of having others witness his own misery, Yousef thought it would be hilarious to prank kids by having a real-life Tooth Fairy stop by during their checkup. Turns out, it was—not to mention, pretty adorable, too.

Sure, they may have confused her with Tinkerbell at first (easy mistake), and told her her wings were on upside down (doh!), but in the end, each kid believes that they are in fact getting visited by the Tooth Fairy herself. Which is why it's oh-so-hard to keep it all a secret when she cleans their teeth and asks them not to tell anybody.

This girl in particular had an adorably difficult time with it:


Photos via YouTube

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