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Distraught Toddler Found Locked Outside of Daycare Center

Photograph by Twenty20

A North Carolina daycare worker has been fired after a toddler was found behind the Sunshine Kids Learning Academy, desperately trying to get back inside after being locked out, according to Fox 46 News.

Tina Quizon, who works next door to the Charlotte-based daycare, was alerted to the incident when she heard the young boy crying.

"He was certainly distraught, and you could hear it in his crying," Quizon told reporters. "He sounded like he had been there trying to reach that door and get in for a while."

Photograph by Tina Quizon

So, the quick-thinking mother and grandmother did what any responsible caregiver would do: After whipping out her phone to record a video, she approached the daycare center.

"Do you guys work here?" she asked while entering the facility. "There's a child at the back door that's been left outside!"

When confronted about the toddler, daycare workers gave Quizon conflicting stories. One of them reportedly thought that the boy had already gone home.

However, when later interviewed by reporters, school administrator Catherine Harrington said that the child was with the teacher outside during recess, which ends around 5:15 p.m. [to prepare for 5:30 pickup]. "As they came into the building," she said, "he apparently went back out, right by the door that they were coming into."

"So, he could've been out there, like, 20 minutes?" asked Fox 46.

"It's a possibility," Harrington replied.

The reporter then asked, "When is it ever OK to have a child out there by themselves?"

"This is never OK," responded Harrington. "Never OK. We always have the staff in place to be able to accommodate the children in our care, so it is never OK. All teachers need to always know how many children are present in their particular space at any given time."

Fortunately, the boy was unharmed, and the teacher, who neglected to do a head count, was immediately let go. Thankfully, this concerned citizen heard his cries for help and did something about it.

“With all the things we’re reading lately, with children being abducted,” said Quizon, "it takes a whole community to keep our children safe.”

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