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Watch 100 Years of Beauty Trends in One Minute

Model shows off 100 years of beauty trends in just one minute

We ladies have been primping and preening in front of mirrors in some way or another our whole lives, exhaustively trying to adhere to the latest trends as best we can. (In other words, trying to make our hair to do things it just doesn't want to do.) Whether you've pared back your own beauty routine since high school or only ramped it up, it's easy to forget how much it's all changed just in your own lifetime. But consider how it's changed in the last 100 years, and the shifting trends get pretty staggering.

Here to illustrate that fact is model Nina Carduner, who recently sat down for an hours-long session in which stylists transformed her with hair and makeup trends from the last 10 decades.

The clip has been trimmed down to just one minute, which makes Carduner's transformation all the more impressive and fascinating to watch. Some of the biggest take-aways? The looks from the Fifties and Sixties will probably always be cool. The Eighties and Nineties, however? Eh, not so much. And while we may curse our straightener now, it's way better than having to sleep in curlers all night like our mothers did, wouldn't you say?

Which decade was your favorite look?

Photos via YouTube

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