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Dubstepping Dads Win Christmas

UK grocery store Sainsbury's unveils hilarious Christmas commercial with dancing dads

Remember that dubstepping toddler from last week? This week, five dads are giving him a run for his money.

The scene: a school Christmas talent show. Curtains open, the crowd applauds, and five dads dressed in dockers and particularly ornate Christmas sweaters take their positions. The host of the show quickly tells us they're called "The Christmas Jumpers," but before we can register what's about to happen, the music starts and these five papas start busting some seriously impressive (and hilarious) moves.

The awesome dance display was all part of the latest holiday commercial for Sainsbury's, a popular grocery store chain in the UK, that apparently discovered the best way to ring in the holiday season ever. (It also brings to mind that unforgettable Christmas dance routine from "Mean Girls," which will never get old.)

While the Christmas Jumpers ad is going seriously viral in the week since its release, another commercial from the grocery giant is also making the rounds and touching people's hearts everywhere.

In Sainsbury's Official Christmas 2014 ad, actors recreate a scene based on true events that happened during World War I, when a momentary Christmas truce brought fighting between England and Germany to a halt for one glorious day in 1914.

It's pretty heartwarming.

Photo via YouTube

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