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'Frozen' Christmas Light Display Is Beyond Cool

Texas family sets up impressive Christmas light show with a "Frozen" theme

If you thought the twinkling icicle lights and inflatable snowman in your front yard were impressive, get ready for your own Christmas display to get blown right out of the water.

John Storms of Austin, Texas, recently unveiled the light show to end all light shows, with a timed display that syncs up with "Frozen's" "Let It Go" in the most glorious way possible. In the process, his home has become much more than just the most popular spot on the block—it's also become a bit of an Internet star, with 2 million views and counting.

Check it out for yourself.

Pretty impressive, huh?

As you might have guessed, this wasn't just something Storms threw up over the weekend, either.

"We have been working on the lights since February," Storms told HuffPost. "This year has been more challenging that most with the addition of individually controlled color changing lights to the tree line."

But if all you're doing when you see the Storms' family light display is mentally calculating their electric bill this month, you can quit while you're ahead. Storms admits the whole thing costs him just $6—for the entire season.

"The entire display is run on LED lights," he explains on his YouTube page. "By comparison, we have regular lights on our indoor Christmas tree and it uses more electricity that the whole outdoor light display. The computer that runs the show is an energy-efficient netbook that also keeps the power usage down."

Clearly, he's thought of everything. And while setting the whole thing up may be a ton of work, the fun of it all is well worth it, he says.

"I'll be doing this forever," he told HuffPost. "I make it a happy family event so that the kids will keep it up and hopefully someday marry young men who are comfortable climbing ladders."

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Photo via YouTube

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