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Baby Meets Identical Twins, Mind Is Blown

Toddler meets identical twins, is adorably confused

Baby Landon may not be able to talk yet, but if he could, we bet it'd be something along the lines of "Guys, WTF is going on?!" At least, that's what the look on his face says in our new favorite viral video of the moment.

In the adorable 32-second clip, the little guy is plopped down in a chair between a pair of identical twin girls, who look so utterly similar that he doesn't know what to do with himself.

"Wait ... you're telling me that this one over here ... looks exactly the same as this one over here?" he seems to say, in between looks of adorable confusion.

Yes, Landon. That's exactly what we're saying. And we know, it's all very weird.

Photo via YouTube

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