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11-Year-Old Steals $10,000, Takes $1,300 Cab Ride

11-year-old steals $10,000 and takes $1,300 cab ride to see boy

Last week, 11-year-old Alexis Waller of Little Rock, Ark., needed some cash, and she needed it fast. So she did what any little novice thief would do—she went looking in her grandmother's sock drawer, and boy, did she hit the jackpot. Alexis didn't just pocket a few $20 bills from Grandma's savings, though. She made off with a cool $10,000, and then promptly found herself a cab.

You see, Alexis had places to be and people to see. Or, make that one person—a boy, who lives over 800 miles away in Florida. The determined 11-year-old had met her crush two years earlier on vacation (yes, when she was just 9 years old), and the pair had kept up a relationship online. But last week, the lovelorn pre-teen just couldn't stand being apart from him for one minute longer. After hoarding cash from her grandma, Alexis set off on foot and stopped at a doughnut shop, where she thumbed a ride from a passing taxi.

The boy, however, had no idea she was even on her way.

Once in the cab, Alexis reportedly gave the cab driver the impression she was much older than her years, which is why he didn't say no to traveling the 800-mile and $1,300 trip. (Though it's pretty hard not to wonder how a kid traveling solo with wads of cash on her doesn't raise at least a few red flags.)

"I said I need to go to Jacksonville, Florida," Waller later told Little Rock's KARK-TV, "He's like, 'Do you have money' and I'm like, 'Yes.'"

"According to the information that I have, she was in a sweatsuit with a lot of makeup and she looked like she was 17 or 18 years old," said Ellis Houston, a spokesperson for Greater Little Rock Transportation Services. As the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reports, the Yellow Cab driver wasn't charged for transporting a minor so far, and isn't in any trouble. "Maybe he lacked a little bit of judgment," Houston said.

But as it turned out, Alexis would never make it to Florida. After they noticed she was missing, her parents called the police who then used cell phone records to track her down and alert the cab to turn back once they hit Georgia.

We can't imagine how steep the cab fare would be if she had made it to Florida!

Photo via KARK-TV

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