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4-Year-Old Vine Star Offers Relationship Advice

4-year-old Vine star Ava Ryan gives hilarious relationship advice

Ladies, if your love life has been less than stellar as of late, we have someone who can help. No, she's not exactly the Millionaire Matchmaker ... but she might grow up to be.

We're talking about 4-year-old Ava Ryan, whose hilarious Vine videos (uploaded by mom Katie Ryan) have been taking the Internet by storm for months now.

What's everyone so in love with? Well for starters, she's not afraid to tell it like it is.

Like, you can either get yourself a boyfriend, or be happy that you're single – either way, stop moping!

(Duh, why didn't we think of going to the boyfriend store?)

But when you are on the prowl for a new man, there are some pretty important things to remember. Like how to properly flirt. (Spoiler alert: It's all about the eyelash batting.)

Of course, it's also equally important to know how to wriggle out of a date that's totally crashing and burning.

But no matter what, starting the day with a positive outlook is the best way to attract someone. So Ava suggests you start the day off with a rock solid mantra. You can steal hers, if you like:

Wondering what this little lady's up to when she's not doling out relationship advice to her Vine fans? She's usually laying pretty low, staying in most Saturday nights and just, you know, keeping it real.

Of course, Ava likes to party as much as the next 4-year-old. She's even been known to engage in epic living room dance breaks with Dad on occasion.

Hammer time!

As for her own love life, Ava's been single for a while now, and she's pretty cool with that.

After all, she's holding out for her future husband, John Stamos.

Photo via Vine

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