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Dad and Daughter Wage Hip-Hop Dance Battle

Dad, daughter wage old school hip hop dance battle

To hear Sharidon Johnson tell it, he was just ripping up the carpet (literally) in the family room one day, listening to some old school '90s hip hop (sweet) when his daughter walked up to him with a challenge. "Dad, let's dance battle! Let's do it!" she said. To which Dad replied, "You're on."

And so begins the now-viral dance battle between the two, which shows the father-daughter duo busting some serious moves to Tribe Called Quest's beat "Electric Relaxation."

But despite this being a battle—and a serious one, at that—there are no losers here, folks. Everyone's a winner in this one.

Pretty cute, right? We love it almost as much this awesome father-daughter dance battle from over the summer, in which which a dad and his daughter "Lil London" break it down to Kesha's "Timber." (If you haven't yet seen that one, stop what you're doing right now, because it's a must-watch.)

Photo via YouTube

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