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Three-Year-Old Takes 677 Adorable Selfies

3-year-old girl takes 677 selfies in a row, mom captures in YouTube video

We're all guilty of some shameless selfie-taking every now and again. (Oh come on, just admit it.)

But here to show all of us up this morning is one positively adorable 3-year-old called "G," who recently went on a wild selfie-binge that resulted in 677 self-portraits taken on her mom's phone. So hilarious were the back-to-back snapshots, that her mom decided to put them all together in one cute clip, and put a backing track to it. The Internet (and all of us at would like to thank her.

Ain't no shame in that selfie game.

(For those of you who need a second fix of that background beat, it's "Uptown Funk" by Mark Ronson, featuring Bruno Mars.)

Photo via YouTube

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