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Adorable Toddler Dresses as Real-Life Elf on the Shelf

Adorable toddler Willow Lee dresses as real life Elf on the Shelf

You may remember the name Willow Lee from back in October, when photos of her dressed up in some seriously on-point Halloween costumes first went viral.

She was an In-N-Out waitress ...

... and a Morton Salt Girl.

But our definite fave was Elliott from "E.T." Because, well ...

But it being the holidays and all, Willow has changed up her costume game for December by dressing in DIY Elf on the Shelf costumes, and posing for some of the most adorable pics you could imagine.

Most of them are slightly devilish, like this one, catching the little candy stealer red-handed ...

And this one, in which she ties her big brother to a tree.

Even poor Olaf isn't spared of her mischievous ways ...

But she's not always up to no good. Even elves have to earn a paycheck.

She also likes to spend some quality time with her best bud.

And of course, leave her mark pretty much everywhere she goes.

(That's one badass elf.)

If you want more, don't worry—there's lots more where that came from, thanks to her mom, Gina Lee. The mom and photographer regularly posts pics of Willow to her Instagram, where nearly 29,000 followers ooo and aww over Willow's adorableness on a daily basis.

Photos by Gina Lee via Instagram

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