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Wear Star Wars Share Star Wars Day

Star Wars geeks are at it again! For the fifth consecutive year, men, women and children are dressing in their favorite Star Wars gear for Wear Star Wars Share Star Wars Day. This year, they're using the hashtag: #WearStarWars2014.

The day was inspired by Katie Goldman, whose love of the film series got her bullied by kids at school. Back in 2010, when she was 7, she asked her mother to switch a beloved "Star Wars" water bottle with something else. The boys at her school teased her for drinking out of something that was so clearly meant for boys.

Her mom, Carrie Goldman, instead asked women to share their own non-boy love of the series. Goldman wanted Katie to know that it's OK to be different (and a girl who likes Star Wars). The hashtag #maytheforcebewithkatie trended as everyone — women and men — shared personal stories of being bullied for liking the trilogy. That's when a fan decided to do a whole day to support Katie and, ostensibly, other little girls like her.

The day took off. Goldman decided to use the awareness and interest as a benefit for other children and she turned it into a toy drive.

Katie is now 12, still loves Star Wars and the annual encourages donations to Star Wars fans' local toy drives. That's quite a force to be with.

Image via Wear Star Wars Share Star Wars Facebook page

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