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Couple Spills Baby News, Grandpa Loses It

Couple spills baby news on Christmas, grandpa loses it

There's almost nothing we like more than watching a good baby announcement video—and boy, do we have one to start your Christmas week off right.

First, the scene: It's Christmas morning, 2011, and we're in the family room of Dale and Sherrye Spikes of Baton Rouge, La. Wrapping paper litters the floor, Christmas PJs are donned ... but the fun isn't over just yet, because there are exactly three more gifts left to be opened, and they're all pretty epic.

You see, the Spikes' son Patrick and his wife Shannon have brought the family personalized T-shirts they made themselves, and they can't wait to watch them be opened. These aren't just any old T-shirts, either. Each one holds a very special message on its front, from "My Grandma Is the Coolest" to "I Love My Aunt Kait" to "World's Best Grandpa."

"We knew we wanted to surprise them for Christmas ... We got some shirts, iron-on letters and wrapped them up," Patrick recently told The Huffington Post.

Surprise them they did. It was that last message—"World's Greatest Grandpa"—that turned out to get the best reaction of all. As his wife and daughter erupt into bursts of laughter and screams of excitement, Dale Spikes promptly freaks out and melts into a puddle of tears. Quite frankly, he just can't handle all the emotions that are flooding his body right now, and we can't blame him for feeling overwhelmed.

"I know my dad," said Patrick. "He's the most emotional person on the planet and I knew he was going to have that reaction—that's why I videoed the whole thing, so I can have that in the future for my little boy."

Patrick, we're so glad you did.

The adorably hilarious video, which was first shared on YouTube in January 2012, has just recently gone viral, after being featured on America's Funniest Home Videos and racked up over 1.1 million views in just a few short days.

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Photo via YouTube

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