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5-Year-Old Dissects Princess Leia's Slave Outfit

5-year-old discusses Princess Leia's slave outfit with her dad

Going viral this week is a 1-minute, 40-second convo between a dad and his 5-year-old daughter that might be the cutest thing we've seen in a while. The topic? Fashion. But not just any kind of fashion: "Star Wars" fashion, and Princess Leia's outfit in particular.

As you might recall, Princess Leia dons what many describe as a "slave" outfit the entire movie, and what dad (Adam Buxton) explains to his daughter—who loves the look, by the way—is that a lot of people have found it to be quite demeaning.

We could probably go on for a while on that topic ourselves, but the thing is, Buxton's daughter doesn't seem to care much about all that. As far as she's concerned, it's just a really really cool outfit, and we all just need to calm down and get on board.

Allow her to explain.

"I know Jabba the Hutt is a baddie," she says. "But he actually chose a really nice dress [for Leia]. 'Cause I like the way he put the sort of tiara, the bands ... these, this, that ... it's actually a pretty good look for her."

"But you wouldn't want to be a slave, right?" her dad asks.

"No," she replies. "I will just escape and keep wearing that. Because it looks really nice."

Good plan.

Making the clip even more adorable—aside from the little girl's hilarious delivery and cuter-than-cute British accent—is the fact that her dad, Adam Buxton, asked the Brothers McLeod to illustrate the convo.

Photo via YouTube

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