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Soldier Dad Surprises Daughters as Santa

Soldier dad comes home, surprises daughters as Santa

For army soldier Orlando Vasquez, the hardest part about being deployed overseas is how far it takes him from his two daughters, Kyra and Kaylee. His little girls missed him so much that they even penned letters to Santa at school, wishing most for their dad to come home from his latest deployment in Germany. (Well, in addition to a Barbie Dream House, of course.)

“Kyra said, ‘Dear Santa, I can’t wait 'til Christmas because it’s my favorite holiday and sometimes you make our wish come true. My number one wish is for my dad to come home from Germany,’” Vasquez told CNN.

So when the devoted dad got the chance to come home after 10 months abroad, he wanted to surprise his girls in the best way he knew how: by dressing up like Santa, visiting their school, and giving them their Christmas wish.

The rest is a total tearjerker.

“It’s definitely had its toll being in the military, being away from family. But, you know, having a close family like ours and good friends, I mean, it makes it all worth it in the end,” the dad added.

Photo via YouTube

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