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Man Films Journey to Wife After Her Water Breaks

Filmmaker dad films journey to his wife's bedside while she's in labor

Those first few moments after your water breaks are usually filled with a whole lot of fear, excitement and everything in between. But when you're separated from your partner by thousands of miles when it happens, the experience can definitely get amplified.

Such was the case for filmmaker Casey Neistat, who got a text in the early morning hours of December 5 that his wife went into labor. At the time, Neistat was away on business in San Francisco. Immediately, he booked a flight to Houston, so he could rush to be by his wife's side when his baby girl was born. But unlike most dads-to-be, he whipped out the camera and started filming, and chronicled his entire journey—from Mom's first text to baby's first cries—over the next 10 hours or so.

What results is a sweet, four-minute film that shows just how excited he is to become a new dad.

The video was just posted yesterday, but is already going quickly viral, thanks to Neistat's large YouTube following. And if you're wondering why the quality of the spontaneous film is so good, it's probably because Neistat kind of makes a living at this kind of thing. The newbie dad directs TV commercials, and according to his YouTube page, once had a show on HBO.

It's safe to say that little baby Francine will have a life well documented.

Photos via YouTube

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