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Mom's Lullaby Goes Viral

Mom's heartfelt lullaby goes viral

Get ready for any nightly lullabies you may sing to be absolutely put to shame right ... about ... now.

Kimberly Henderson of South Carolina is quickly becoming a viral sensation this week for her heartfelt, soul-stirring rendition of Whitney Houston's "How Will I Know." The mom of one recently shared a video of herself crooning along to it while swaying her 1-year-old to sleep, and it's been catching on like wildfire.

Apparently, Henderson's 1-year-old isn't a fan of your typical "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" kind of melodies. Nope, this kid will only fall asleep to Whitney Houston or Mariah Carey songs specifically. Good thing Mom just so happens to have power-house vocals that can deliver.

Watch as Henderson lulls her little girl off to sleep with the Sam Smith version of Houston's ballad, and see for yourself why everyone who listens is falling in love with her voice.

To date, Henderson's video has grabbed millions of views on Facebook—and some say, may be leading to a record contract soon. Recently, Henderson added a note into the YouTube description that has had many speculating: "Big news coming soon!" she wrote.

One thing's for sure: We would gladly download any album this mom came out with.

Photo via YouTube

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