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Boy Learns He's Getting a Sibling, Cries Tears of Joy

Boy learns he's becoming a big brother on Christmas

All 10-year-old Ethan has wanted for Christmas for as long as he can remember is a little baby brother or sister. As his mom later wrote on YouTube, he would ask for the "same special Christmas present" year after year, but sadly, it never came.

Finally, this year his parents were able to give it to him—and the news of it all was enough to send him into tears of joy.

In the video, Ethan can be seen opening a card that reads "To a Wonderful Brother," with some confusion before opening it to see a sonogram fall out, along with a heartfelt message: “To my big brother Ethan: Have a fantastic Christmas. I can’t wait to meet you.”

That's when it hits him: He's finally getting his Christmas wish!

Photo via YouTube

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