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Neighbors Coordinate Epic Christmas Light Show

Hawaii neighborhood puts on elaborate Christmas light show

Get ready for the Christmas light display to end all Christmas light displays.

This year, a neighborhood in Hawaii carefully synchronized a Christmas light show that's been attracting hoards of tourists for weeks now—and it's pretty amazing. We're talking 60,000 lights flashing, 14 different holiday songs baring from the speakers and some holiday decor that turns the otherwise sunny Hawaiian neighborhood into a winter wonderland. (So if you thought that inflatable Santa in your front yard was impressive, think again.)

The display in Waikele came together under the direction of one of its residents, Keith Yoshida, who has been something of a Christmas fanatic for some time now. In fact, Yoshida says he's been planning elaborate Christmas displays at his own home with his wife every year for the last 20 years.

"It's quite an investment," Yoshida told The Huffington Post. "Every year, we wanted to do something bigger and from there, it just kept growing."

A few years ago, one of Yoshida's neighbors asked to get in on the fun, and the year after that, a few more did, as well. Until finally, this year, eight homes in total were part of the display, attracting

Their nightly shows will go on through January 6, 2015, playing four different light shows in all their synchronized glory, as passersby sit in the middle of the street and watch it all go off around them. Sometimes, says Yoshida, they even hand out candy canes to those who stop by to see.

Pretty impressive, huh? To make it all even better, Yoshida shares that he and his neighbors decided to put their light show's popularity to some more good.

"We started a donation box, and every year the money that is donated is used to purchase toys, gift baskets and food for the Next Step Homeless Shelter," Yoshida shared. Last year the donations were able to cover holiday food and presents for 50 families in a local Honolulu shelter; this year, Yoshida will also be donating proceeds to the Hawaiian Humane Society.

"It started off really for my family and for the kids, but when everybody started coming by, we noticed how grateful people were to have this kind of experience to share with their families," he said. "Now we do it for the community."

Photo via YouTube

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