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Obama Meets Girl Scouts, Wears Tiara

Obama meets with Girl Scouts, wears tiara

Back in 2013, President Obama once (rather humorously) declared that a president should steer clear of wearing hats and other such things in public whenever possible. Not because he's above it, but because frankly, there's no way to not look awkward while doing it.

“Here’s the general rule," he said at the time. "You don’t put stuff on your head if you’re president. That’s politics 101. You never look good wearing something on your head."

What the prez forgot to add was, "... unless it's a tiara, and a Girl Scout asks you to."

Such was the case at the recent White House Science Fair, when the president met with a Brownie troop and suddenly found himself donning a tiara and posing for the camera.

Official White House photographer Peter Souza shared the snapshot December 24, much to the delight of Instagrammers everywhere. The photo has earned some 6,000 likes so far, and counting.

In the caption. Souza explained he's still editing the Year in 2014 Photos, but counted this one among his favorites. "I may include this one even though it's a posed photo," he wrote. "The kids from Girl Scout Troop 2612 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, convinced the President to wear a tiara with them for their group photo. The girls had exhibited a Lego flood proof bridge project."

Good work, girls. Good work. (And may we say, Mr. President—that tiara looks good on you.)

Photo via Instagram

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