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4th Grader Writes Touching Letter to Santa

Fourth grader writes touching letter to Santa about equality

It's that time of year again, when letters to Santa are penned by the thousands, each filled with impassioned wishes. But not every kid is like this fourth-grader named B, who recently penned one of the sweetest, most heartfelt letters to Santa we've ever had the pleasure to read.

No, he wasn't wishing for an awesome new Nerf gun or a cool game for his PS2. In fact, he wasn't even wishing for anything for himself at all. Instead, B just asked for one simple thing: equality.

The fourth-grader originally wrote the letter in school, and brought it home to share with his mother.

"When he brought the letter home, I knew it was a special letter," B's mom later told The Huffington Post. "He tells me his teacher was crying. The other kids took it in their stride. It's not a big deal."

Oh, but it is a big deal. Just read the letter for yourself:

Dear Santa,

I wish for everyone to have equality [—] black, white, brown, gay, transgender, and every other race. I wish for familys [sic] to love each other even if their [sic] trans or gay. I wish for no shootings, no hate, and no racism. My big sister[’s] name is Molly. She used to be called Sam but she came out as trans [when] she was 18. She took hormones that made her look and sound more like a girl. Luckly [sic] my family and I accepted her, but some familys [sic] are not like that[.] [P]eople have killed their children because of them being transgender or gay. I want that to stop, and start the love.

Love, B

B's mother is part of a support group that supports the families of trans youth, and shared her pride over her son's kind words about his sister Molly, now 20.

"He's obviously paying attention to what is going on. He asks lots of questions and has a great amount of empathy," B's mom shared. "He has a huge heart and has great pride in his sister. We have had nothing but support from everyone but I know minds need changing and people need educating. If I'm raising a young man to have a voice and to advocate then I'm immensely proud. I don't think he realizes yet he has the power to move people and touch hearts with his words."

Simply beautiful.

Photo via The Huffington Post

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