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Little Girl Drops F-Bombs on Christmas

Three-year-old drops f-bombs while talking about Christmas

And now for our belated Christmas gift to you!

Meet 3-year-old Harper. This bubbly tot loves her mom, Santa Claus and, apparently, some hot-button four-letter words more than anything in the world. (In fact, she might love the latter the most.) When her dad asked her recently on-camera who she loved more, Mom or Santa Claus, the toddler was momentarily taken aback by the question. Can't say we blame her—who wants to choose between Mom and the man who delivers the best gifts ever to millions of kids around the world in one single night? Tough call.

But instead of choosing one over the other, Harper decided to let Dad know that his question was way outta line. She responds with a jubilant "F*ck you!"—over and over and over again. In fact, Harper screams "F*ck you!" with a smile on her face a total of nine times. (We know because we counted.)

Sure, we felt slightly wrong at first for laughing, but ... then we didn't.

Photo via YouTube

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