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Facebook Teen Exodus Ramping Up

Teens leaving Facebook at record speeds, study says
Photograph by Getty Images/Fuse

According to a new report, kids between the ages of 13 and 17 are, like, so over this Facebook thing, and are leaving the social network at a steadily accelerating rate.

Sure, this isn't entirely news to our ears. After all, teens have been letting their Facebook-loving elders know that we're way uncool for a while now. Apparently, they'd much rather speak to each other in 140 characters or photos that disappear in seconds through Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter—not log onto boring old Facebook, where we old folks like to hang out and post our baby photos and lame status updates. But the numbers from this new study hint that Facebook's stronghold over the social media empire may have an expiration date (and probably have Mark Zuckerberg shaking in his very expensive boots a little).

The report claims that American teens are fleeing the social network faster than ever, dropping from 94% to 88% in the last year alone. To give you some context, the previous year's stats dipped as well, but only by 1%.

The report was published by the group Frank N. Magid Associates Inc., which backed up previous research that teens prefer messaging and photos apps instead that feel newer and more youthful. (Plus, you're way less likely to discover your grandma is following you on Twitter, so there's that.)

No word yet from the Facebook camp on what they think of these latest stats, but as recently as last year, Zuckerberg declared that he's not worried about teen engagement. Numbers might not be growing fast in that demo, he admitted, but that's only because Facebook has already captured most of them, and there's not too much room for growth.

And as for Facebook's so-called dip in teen popularity? “Based on our data, that’s simply not true,” he was quoted as saying last year.

Does your teen use Facebook more or less than other social networks?

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