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Sweet Dad Makes Creative Eye Patches for Baby

Dad makes creative eye patches for his baby daughter

As he recently shared on Reddit, Gfgrubb's daughter Layla was born with a cataract in one eye. Docs assured him that the condition would get better over time, but only if little Layla regularly wears an eye patch. Sure, she only has to have it in place for a measly two hours a day—but two hours is like an eternity in baby time, and eye patches can be super annoying.

So this good ol' dad decided to make the whole eye patch thing a little more fun, doodling little designs on each one every day, and snapping photos of Layla wearing his most creative designs. The adorable photos are now starting to go viral and are about to melt your heart in 5, 4, 3, 2 ...


Breakfast with minions.

Frosty the Snowman makes for the perfect sidekick.

Up, up, and away!

The holidays are happier with Rudolph.

Aye, aye, matey!

... But the best by far is this one with Layla and Daddy, sporting the same specs. So cute!

The last year or so has turned some other crafty papas into viral stars, too. Let us not forget dad Nathan Shields, who turned pancake-making into a thing of beauty and Jeff Highsmith, who made this cooler-than-cool NASA-themed desk for his kids and a Tooth Fairy machine the year before.

Photos via Reddit

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