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IKEA Ad Asks Kids What They Wish for Most

IKEA ad asks kids what they really want for Christmas

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, we ask kids constantly what it is they want most in the whole wide world. Answers usually involve Barbie Dream Houses, video games, Legos, American Girl dolls ... the list goes on. But as an IKEA ad from Spain reminds us, that's not really the whole truth.

In a holiday-themed commercial that is tugging at everyone's heart strings this week, filmmakers ask kids to sit down and write two letters: one to the Three Kings (Spain's version of Santa), and one to Mom and Dad. While the one to the Three Kings is understandably chock full of wishes for things (from a Wii to a guitar), the one to Mom and Dad is of a different kind.

"What would you ask your parents for this Christmas?" a woman asks off-camera.

"What?" the kids all respond back, confused at first.

Then they think to themselves long and hard. They tap their pens gently in thought, pause for a bit, and write down their wishes.

The responses are all pretty touching: They want more time with their parents; they want family dinners to happen more often; and at least for one kid, he hopes to get "tickled" more. (A fair request.)

In short, they just want a bit more time, love and attention, which sure beats getting an awesome Lego set, any day of the week.

Photos via YouTube

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