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Dad Gives Actual Frozen Doll as Gag Gift

Dad gives daughter an actual "Frozen" doll for Christmas

This year, thousands—no, make that millions—of little girls across world all sat down on Santa's lap and asked for the very same thing for Christmas: a "Frozen" doll. And then, in the early morning hours of December 25, they all gleefully tore the wrapping paper off every single box under the tree until they found an Elsa or Anna doll staring back at them. Jackpot!

But that happy living room scene wasn't exactly repeated in one particular American living room, where a "Frozen"-loving 8-year-old was sadly pranked by her own father on Christmas morning—with an actual frozen doll. As in, a doll that he had frozen into a block of ice. (Genius!)

"You know what that is?" the dad asks, innocently.

"No," says his confused daughter, as she stares blankly at her gift.

"You told me you wanted a frozen doll for Christmas," says dad.

"No, Daddy, the PRINCESS!" the little girl shouts back, crestfallen.

We gotta hand it to him; that's pretty clever. Cruel, yes, but definitely clever.

If you feel bad for laughing right now, don't—moments after this video was shot, the little girl was apparently handed her real "Frozen" doll and all was well with the world again.

In the meantime, though, the Internet has been laughing it up over Dad's clever gag. To date, the video's received 1.6 million views.

Photo via YouTube

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