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Mom of Viral Ultrasound Photos Gives Birth

Mom of viral ultrasound photos gives birth

Remember way back in October when those hilarious photos went viral of a mom and dad who were absolutely floored to learn they were having quads?

If not, allow us to refresh your memory:

Yep—we thought you'd remember them.

Ashley and Tyson Gardner had been trying to conceive a baby naturally for a long and difficult eight years before finally turning to IVF this year. But their shock over the procedure's success was soon compounded by the news that it all worked a little too good. They were having four babies, the doctors told them one day—and they were all girls!

At the time, dad Tyson shared with ABC News that his face went pale and he could hardly believe it; but the dad-to-be was over the moon.

"We'll get our whole entire family here in one shot," Tyson said. "It's happening so fast we're just trying to survive every day. The only thing we really care about at this point is the health of our babies."

Though the quads were due to come March 11, doctors expected them to come early. Then, on Sunday December 28, dad Tyson Gardner posted this YouTube video to fans, announcing that the babies were on their way.

The video was posted to the family's Facebook page, which was set up by Ashley's sister Whitney to help raise funds for the family of six. Along with it, the caption read: "UPDATE: Birth could be coming soon! Please listen to update. I'll try and keep them coming! Prayers and love are much appreciated right now!!!"

Just two hours after that, Whitney posted herself: "UPDATE: BABIES ARE COMING RIGHT NOW! Contractions weren't stopping so the doctors agreed it was best to take them now. Send your prayers for these sweet babies!! Xoxo — Whitney"

According to the updates that followed, all babies are doing well, though the smallest has weighed in at just under 2 pounds. While all four names have not yet been released, we do know one: Esme. She was captured in this shot, as Mom reached out to her.

Tyson also updated to let everyone know just how well Ashley was doing after the C-section.

Early this morning, Tyson posted again to share some heartfelt words of thanks for those who've supported the Gardners on their journey. While he promises photos of the babies will be coming, he does share one tidbit about their appearance: they were all born with dark hair!

"To those of you who have not witnessed this, yet long to do so and have struggled as we did, I say never give up!" he writes. "Those of you who have followed us know that we started this year never knowing if we would ever have children of our own. We battled for years, and lost many times over. Yet, here we are ending the year with the birth of our beautiful quadruplets! Who would have thought? Please don't give up. Our greatest challenges shape us. They prepare us for our divine callings in this life."

Tyson also shared that their baby journal is being chronicled by TLC, and will presumably air in 2015.

Photos via Facebook

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