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Dad Has Cop Pull Over Daughter for the Best Reason

Dad has cop pull daughter over, hand her concert tickets

Audra Daniloff isn't your average 17-year-old. The Wisconsin teen was recently diagnosed with hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis last year, a devastating immune system condition with only a 20% survival rate. She's been bravely fighting the illness for months now, checking in and out of hospitals when she should be living up her senior year of high school.

That's why this Christmas, Audra's dad wanted to do something extra-special for her to lift her spirits. Of course, in true Dad style, he first had to prank her and scare the daylights out of her.

First, Audra's dad Marc bought her tickets to see one of her favorite bands, Timeflies, in New York City. But instead of giving her the tickets on Christmas Day, Marc orchestrated a semi-elaborate scheme to get her pulled over by a cop while she was driving, and have the cop hand her the tickets.

As any teen knows, hearing those sirens blare behind you and getting pulled over for even the most minor traffic offense is rather terrifying. So it's no surprise then that Audra is practically shaking when the cop stops her to say she didn't make a complete stop at the stop sign. But as the nervous teen awaits her ticket, police officer Jeffrey Goetz says he has good news and bad news for her—and spills the beans on why he really pulled her over.

If her face tells you anything, she was more than a little surprised. (In a good way.)

Watch the clip for yourself. (We dare you not to get teary.)

The best part of all? Audra not only went to the concert—and had a blast—but she also got the VIP treatment and met the band!

Best. Gift. Ever.

Photos via YouTube/BuzzFeed

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