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Play-Doh in Hot Water Over Penis-Shaped Toy

Play-Doh toy alarms parents with penis-shaped accessory

The good folks at Play-Doh are falling all over themselves this week to explain the, uh, questionable shape, of one of their newest toys. It seems that as many kids giddily tore open their presents this Christmas, their parents stood by and watched in shock as they pulled open their Play-Doh kits. That's because inside the Cake Mountain toy box was a Play-Doh "icing" dispenser that looked ... how shall we put this ... oh right, exactly like a penis. We repeat: exactly like a penis.

It wasn't long before several horrified parents complained, posting photos of the toy on Play-Doh's official Facebook page and wondering aloud why on earth this was the only possible shape that a kids' Play-Doh dispenser could come in.

Play-Doh's social team, meanwhile, underwent a serious case of the sweats trying to apologize and then delete all photos of aforementioned penis dispensers. However, their fast fingers were not fast enough. Some quick-thinking Twitter users nabbed a few screenshots for us all to delight over.

Though the backlash started on December 28, the chatter is still going on Play-Doh's Facebook page, where some users have taken to calling the dispenser Play-Doh's "Dil-Doh" toy for kids. Needless to say, Hasbro, the maker of Play-Doh, isn't too happy about all of this — and we suspect pretty embarrassed that no one on their product development team noticed this earlier.

Yesterday, Play-Doh finally wrote a Facebook post addressing the issue. Though it didn't exactly apologize for offending anyone, the toy makers are going to re-think the design on that "extruder tool" and issue replacement tools for anyone who would like one. Presumably, those will be far less phallic in nature.

Photos via Hasbro/Twitter

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