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Kid Reacts Adorably to Santa's Visit

Boy reacts adorably to Santa's visit

Christmas may have been almost a full week behind us now, but we're still enjoying all of the viral Christmas morning videos that keep rolling our way. The teen whose dad surprised her with concert tickets by having a cop pull her over; the little girl who got an actual frozen doll instead of the doll from "Frozen" she asked for ... we just can't get enough!

And now for our favorite of the day: a two-minute clip of a little boy named Archie from the UK, who was so positively psyched that Santa visited, his Christmas morning reaction video is warming hearts everywhere. (Ours included.)

Watch as Archie makes his way downstairs in his little elf pajamas and spots a trail of Santa's snowy footsteps starting at the front door. His pure joy over all of the evidence — and then of course, the toy pile — is basically the best thing ever. There are squeals of glee, lots of hand-clapping ... it's all good.

Photo via YouTube

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